DigiTrust Managed Web Application Firewall
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Web Application Firewall

Advanced WAF Security protecting your organization from Bots, SQL injection, and XSS with our Complimentary 2-week MWAF trial.

Our Managed Web Application Firewall Provides

Cloud Based Architecture

Our cloud-based architecture, provides protection and allows us to manage and respond to security incidents within your organization.

Traffic Filtering

We filter out bad traffic before it reaches your websites, and accelerate the good traffic flowing to your websites. 

Data Caching

Data caching through globally distributed content delivery networks, improving your websites performance and reducing server load.

Threat Intelligence

We collect and utilize threat intelligence from multiple sources to provide optimal protection.

First Hand Monitoring

Our 24/7 security experts observe and monitor  the traffic flowing to your web application first-hand.


We provide complete installation and configuration of your organization's MWAF.

Updates & Tuning

We manage updates to your MWAF and perform continuous false-positive tuning.

Threat Protection

Our MWAF provides protection from Bots, SQL injections, DDoS, and much more!

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No security system is 100% safe.

Heavily automated systems can be infiltrated by a determined threat actor who will eventually hack your system. 

With DigiTrust's managed firewall, we leverage our threat intelligence and our 24/7 monitoring to investigate threat actor IP addresses, confirming their malicious nature, and permanently blocking them.

We don't give you alerts.
 We give you solutions.

Your individual blocked attacks are part of something bigger. Successfully defending your web applications requires seeing the bigger picture and identifying emerging attack trends. A sudden spike in your attack rate could mean that your organization is being actively targeted and may need to adjust strategies and tactics quickly.