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Managed Vulnerability Assessment Service

How Does Vulnerability Assessment Service Enhance Your Security?

  • Pinpoints security vulnerabilities within your organization
  • Reporting aggregates vulnerabilities by severity
  • Rapid optimization of your security posture
  • Real-time, ongoing vulnerability & remediation tracking
  • Actionable remediation steps to alleviate identified security flaws

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We Don't Give You Alerts.
 We Give You Solutions.

The DigiTrust Group’s Managed Vulnerability Assessment (MVA) service provides a comprehensive look into the ongoing security vulnerabilities within your environment.

  • Scheduled Vulnerability Scanning
  • Manual Correlation of Vulnerabilities
  • Complete Analysis of Vulnerabilities
  • Complete Annotation of Vulnerabilities
  • Real Time Dialog on Identified Issues

We identify, quantify, and prioritize security vulnerabilities within your organization.

Real-Time Reporting & Real-Time Access

You will know the state of your security anytime, anywhere via The DigiTrust Client Portal

Prioritization of vulnerabilities provides clear direction for your remediation efforts.

Improving Your Security Posture

Our experts identify vulnerabilities from both external and internal attackers.
We accomplish this by integrating our vulnerability assessment software into your network.

DigiTrust Security Operations Center (SOC) experts remotely manage your MVA software and are available 24/7 to assist you in achieving your optimal level of security.

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