DigiTrust Penetration Testing

The DigiTrust Group’s Penetration Testing creates and duplicates real world scenarios in which external (and potentially internal) attacks to your systems are achieved using a variety of intrusion methods. Our specialty in Penetration Testing comes from our adversarial emulation approach to infiltrating and penetrating our client’s systems.

What is the Goal of Penetration Testing?

DigiTrust’s goal in penetration testing is to identify at least one vulnerability allowing us to gain access to your sensitive network. Our tests range from the attempted exploitation of surface level vulnerabilities to the specific targeting of internal employees with various forms of client-side attacks. In short, if there is a way in, we will find it.

 The DigiTrust Penetration Test

The Testing

The team at DigiTrust will use various methods in an attempt to gain access to your systems and network. From low sophistication access methods to highly sophisticated (tactics, techniques, and procedures), we will pinpoint how and where a potential attacker could gain access.

Adversarial Emulation

DigiTrust provides you a real world look at how a methodical adversary would breach your system. Using our adversarial emulation approach, our experts replicate real world infiltration techniques to gain access. You will know where your organization is vulnerable.

Reporting and Strategic Recommendations

Following your DigiTrust Penetration Test, we will provide you with a transparent look at how your system was accessed. We provide your team with valuable insight into the vulnerabilities exploited, infiltration and exfiltration paths, and the potential impact a breach could have on your organization. Also, DigiTrust provides you with a set of strategic recommendations to reduce your organization’s exposure in the future.

“Only in understanding and experiencing the potential flaws in your security in a real world setting, will you then possess the capability to rectify and remediate these infiltration access points.”

Duplicates Real World Infiltration

Adversarial Emulation Approach

Insight Into Exploited Vulnerabilities

Strategic Recommendations

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