Managed Host Intrusion Prevention

The DigiTrust Group’s Managed Host Intrusion Prevention Service (MHIPS) is a complete endpoint security solution protecting against the most cutting edge threats within today’s landscape.

We implement best-in-class endpoint security technology and combine it with continuously developed processes. DigiTrust security teams are led by expert analysts and engineers providing the most contextually driven endpoint security solutions in the industry.

How is DigiTrust Different?

” We don’t alert on incidents. We handle the incident.”

DigiTrust “Closed Loop” Incident Response

As a fully Managed Endpoint Security solution, DigiTrust believes in a true “closed-loop” incident response process for your team. We don’t simply identify your endpoint security problem, we identify, process, analyze, and provide remediation for the malicious incident. Closing-the-loop with incident response is focused on protecting your endpoints and defending your organization.

DigiTrust Workflow

The DigiTrust Group implements highly evolved, workflow-driven, proprietary incident response tool-sets offering you something truly unique. We leverage the telemetry and instrumentation delivered by best-in-class endpoint security technology. Combining this with our continuously developed and improved processes set, we provide a truly streamlined workflow to defend your organization.

DigiTrust “Tailored Threat Intelligence”

DigiTrust understands that every client is unique, you bring your own set of security needs and you need a solution that reflects that. DigiTrust leads the industry with ongoing context based threat intelligence. Our fully managed endpoint security service continuously evolves with your organization’s needs offering a true “Tailored” Threat Intelligence endpoint security solution.

The Result?

DigiTrust Managed Host-Based Threat Intelligence service delivers organization-specific, actionable threat intelligence providing true situational awareness to our clients.

Closed Loop Incident Response

Proprietary Incident Response Tool-Sets

“Tailored” Threat Intelligence

Continuously Developed Processes

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