Managed Vulnerability Assessment

The DigiTrust Group’s Managed Vulnerability Assessment (MVA) service gives you a comprehensive look into the ongoing security vulnerabilities within your environment. The DigiTrust Group provides full insight into your environment pinpointing vulnerabilities in a wide range of devices including:

• Desktops
• Laptops
• Mac
• Servers
• Network Devices (Routers, Switches, Win/Linux)
• Embedded Devices

Potential hidden flaws that may allow an attacker to access your organization are investigated and remediation guidance is applied with the DigiTrust Managed Vulnerability Assessment (MVA) service.

How Are Security Holes Identified?

DigiTrust is focused on identifying vulnerabilities from both external and internal attackers. We accomplish this by installing vulnerability assessment software within your network. The software is then remotely managed by our Security Operations Center (SOC) experts who control and/or provide:

• Scheduled Vulnerability Scans
• Manual Correlation of Findings
• Analysis of Findings
• Annotation of Findings
• Near Real-Time Dialog on Identified Issues

What is Done When a Security Hole is Identified?

• DigiTrust MVA service clients are given access to all reporting via our client portal. Your MVA Report includes a description of vulnerabilities found, along with actionable recommended steps to fix your identified system flaws.

• We prioritize your report based on security factors including the impact of a successful attack against your vulnerabilities and our deep insight into the prevalence of such attacks.

• Above all, your DigiTrust Managed Vulnerability Assessment report is designed to enable your technical staff to immediately initiate remediation steps to increase your current level of security.

DigiTrust experts are always available to advise on findings and answer questions during your remediation process.

Tracking Your Progress.

Knowing where your organization is vulnerable is of extreme importance. Having Insight into how teams react and resolve vulnerabilities is just as important. DigiTrust provides a clear view of where progress is being made allowing your team to prioritize where time is spent in order to optimize your organizations security efforts.

Your Managed Vulnerability Assessment remediation progress will be tracked over time via dynamic charts within the DigiTrust client portal. DigiTrust remediation tracking reports provide clear insight into which of your vulnerabilities are being successfully addressed by your security team. We also outline where additional effort or guidance may be needed. Our security experts are always available to assist you in achieving your optimal level of security.

Pinpointing Security Vulnerabilities

Manged Security Operation Center (SOC)

Remediation Progress Tracking

Actionable Recommendations 

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