DigiTrust Managed Threat Intelligence

The DigiTrust Group’s Managed Threat Intelligence (MTI) service moves far beyond a standard standalone Security Incident Event Management (SIEM) solution. Instead of giving you a haystack and letting you search for the needle, we find the needle, and eliminate it.

Sounds simple? Far from it.

Most security services will identify an incident or attack by using detailed analytics against log events generated within a client’s network. When DigiTrust detects or suspects that an intrusion or attack may be in progress, our Security Operations Center (SOC) experts remotely analyze, investigate, and provide remediation. A truly closed loop, fully Managed Threat Intelligence solution.

DigiTrust Security Incident Event Management (SIEM) Process

Threat Detection
Filtering millions of events and finding the true threat.
Threat Analysis
Analyzing and correlating threat data for intent and severity.
Threat Notification
Clear communication with your team concerning identified threats found.
 Threat Investigation
Collection and analysis of forensic artifacts from client endpoints via DigiTrust proprietary Incident Response tools, with a focus on root-causing every incident.
Threat Remediation
Malicious files and/or modifications are manually addressed by the DigiTrust Incident Response Experts.

DigiTrust Reporting, A Critical Ingredient

DigiTrust Managed Threat Intelligence offers you exactly that, security intelligence. As our client, we offer you a clear picture of the malicious threats targeting your organization.  We provide root cause focused reporting for your teams, giving your organization valuable insight and strategic recommendations.

DigiTrust Detailed Reporting Offers You:

•    Initial Threat Detection (Where/When)
•    Specific Threat Identification (What was found)
•    Threat Entry Point (How you were infiltrated)
•    Indicators of Compromise (Attributes of your adversary)
•    Strategic Recommendation’s (Closed loop lessons learned)

What Makes DigiTrust Reporting Different?

Explicit Root Cause
DigiTrust security experts focus on unlocking the explicit root cause of all detected activity. We don’t just find and remediate holes in your security, we get to the technical root cause of the incident.

Highly Sophisticated 24/7 Monitoring
DigiTrust Security Operations Center (SOC) has our experts working 24/7 analyzing and investigating events and incidents for your organization. This combined with our proprietary workflow ensures that your organization is receiving the utmost attention.

Condensed Real World Reporting
DigiTrust provides you team with actionable intelligence. Our reporting gives you a clear look into threats, intent, targets, remediation steps, and strategic recommendations for prevention of future threats.

Managed Threat Intelligence is about increasing your organization’s defensive operational tempo in order to combat the operational offensive tempo of your adversary.

Incident Root Cause

Analyzation, Investigation & Remediation 

Complete 24/7 Monitoring

Near Real Time Reporting

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