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Whether you are preparing for the future or in need of Incident Response today, The DigiTrust Group provides Incident Response solutions tailored to the needs of your organization.

Incident Response Planning & Expertise


Call Now For Immediate Incident ResponseIncident Response requires two major components: an actionable Incident Response plan and security experts who can execute on that plan.

The DigiTrust Group provides proprietary processes offering best-in-class Incident Response and dedicated experts that will remediate your intrusion at the deepest levels.

Our experts extract as much contextual information as possible about your malicious incident to efficiently remediate. How long has the intrusion been present? What was accessed? How was your system accessed? Has it moved to other systems? Who is controlling it? Questions like these require in-depth investigation and analysis.

 DigiTrust Incident Response Process


Incident Identification Incident Response Process

Our Incident Response experts begin by identifying the source of your malicious intrusion, pinpointing the type of malicious activity you may have and where in your system(s) it is located.

Incident Investigation & Analysis

After positive identification, Incident Response experts begin investigation and analysis to gain intelligence and establish context surrounding your incident. This step may be repeated as necessary as additional layers of information surrounding the incident are revealed.

Incident Containment & Eradication

When initial investigation and analysis is complete, we take steps to ensure the threat actor is contained. This step may be repeated as necessary as additional layers of information surrounding the incident are revealed.

Incident Recovery

With the malicious incident properly contained, our Incident Response experts work with your team to fully remediate the activity.

Incident Reporting

Throughout the entire Incident Response process, clear communication is provided to your organization providing necessary transparency. We provide closed loop reporting on your incident including what actions were taken and strategic recommendations to improve your security posture.

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