Managed AWS Vulnerability Assessment

                                            Protecting Your AWS Cloud Infrastructure 

orange cloud As more of your infrastructure moves into the AWS cloud, your ability to scale quickly becomes more streamlined and reliable. Data that used to be protected by internal security measures is now connected externally.

In short, when moving processes into the AWS Cloud, it is important that you continue to review, update, and adapt your organization’s security posture.

DigiTrust MAVA continuously assesses, monitors, and provides remediation support for vulnerabilities within your AWS environment, leaving your organization better protected.

Features of MAVA

24/7 Monitoring & Alerts

Our worldwide Security Operation Centers (SOC) provide 24/7 alerts on all high-risk AWS vulnerability issues as they are identified.

blue clockRapid Real-Time Threat Intelligence

Upon set-up, you will begin getting vulnerability results in minutes instead of hours or days. Your AWS vulnerability risks will be prioritized based on real-time threat intelligence.

blue gear

Expert Remediation Recommendations

Our security experts provide remediation recommendations for your AWS Cloud Infrastructure. We always tailor our recommendations to the unique needs and threat profile of your organization.

Remediation Tracking

Our AWS Cloud security includes ongoing tracking of remediations and risk levels over time. This high-level view provides a clear picture of how your security is progressing and where additional attention may be needed.

updates-folder-graphocExecutive Summary & Reporting

We will provide your organization with executive summaries and continued guidance on enhancing your AWS security. We also provide you access to our DigiTrust Client Portal, giving you anytime access to your AWS Cloud security reports.

               Benefits of MAVA

orange checkReduces IT costs and overhead.

orange checkDetect AWS Cloud vulnerabilities faster.

orange checkMore rapid remediation and response times.

orange checkMore secure application delivery to the cloud.

orange checkProactively addresses misconfigurations and vulnerabilities.

orange checkRapid deployment time with zero effect on your current AWS Cloud services.

orange checkComplete visibility into AWS vulnerabilities via The DigiTrust Client Portal.

orange checkMaintain a higher level of AWS Cloud security.


We tailor our
Managed AWS Vulnerability Assessment to fit your organization’s specific size and needs, from startup to enterprise.


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Pinpointing AWS Vulnerabilities

24×7 Assesment, Monitoring, and Remediation Support

Reporting & Online Portal

Rapid Deployment