Application Security Assessment

Blackbox Testing

We take the perspective of a motivated, persistent adversary and enumerate vulnerabilities in your applications. At the conclusion of the engagement, we provide specific, detailed explanations on identified vulnerabilities, in addition to proof-of-concept visuals to help frame risk levels.

Greybox Testing

We couple source code automated analysis and manual referencing with our traditional Blackbox testing to deliver our Greybox engagements. This provides enhanced visibility into design characteristics of the application to enable deeper testing.

Whitebox Testing

We perform both manual and automated review the source code of the application in order to identify both high and low-level vulnerabilities. This is the most comprehensive application security testing available.

Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SSDLC) Consulting

We design and assist in implementation of enhanced SDLCs to enable comprehensive security integration from requirement planning to delivery.


Analyze Security Posture

Adversarial Emulation

Tried and Tested Assessment Methodology

Automated and Manual Testing

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