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The DigiTrust Group is your end-to-end managed security services partner.
We provide tailored information security solutions to any size organization from start-ups to the enterprise.

DigiTrust Managed Security Services

          Protecting and enhancing your security posture through root-caused based incident response and remediation is our first priority.  We provide a wide range of managed security and consulting services all managed from our Security Operation Centers (SOC) around the world.

Vulnerability Assessment Service (MVA)

We identify the security vulnerabilities within your organization. Full installation, configuration, and remediation tracking.

Web Application Firewall Service (MWAF)

We filter out bad traffic before it reaches your websites, and accelerate the good or legitimate traffic flowing to your websites.

Host Intrusion Prevention Service (MHIPS)

Our complete endpoint security solution protecting against the most cutting edge malware, trojans, determined adversaries, and much more.

Threat Intelligence & SIEM (MTI)

Far more than a standard standalone Security Incident Event Management (SIEM) solution. Instead of giving you a haystack and letting you search for the needle, we find the needle and eliminate it.

Mobile Security (MMS)

DigiTrust provides protection from targeted and common mobile device attacks. We combine cutting-edge technology and expert incident response to address your top mobile security gaps.

AWS Cloud Security

Our complete endpoint security solution protecting against the most cutting edge malware, trojans, determined adversaries, and much more.

Best-In-Class Managed Security

DigiTrust is at the forefront of identifying, researching, and blocking threat actors attempting to infiltrate your organization. Our advanced Managed Security Services and Security Consulting Services offers your organization the confidence needed to operate safely in this highly complex, threatening, and interconnected world.

DigiTrust Security Consulting

The DigiTrust Group security consulting services provide a deep dive to cyber security threats and how they can affect your organization. We meticulously tailor our consulting services to fit the needs of your organization and leave you better prepared as you move forward.

Penetration Testing

The DigiTrust Group’s Penetration Testing creates and duplicates real world scenarios in which external (and potentially internal) attacks to your systems are achieved using a variety of infiltration methods. Our specialty in Penetration Testing comes from our adversarial emulation approach to infiltrating and penetrating our client's systems.

Application Security Assesment

We provide the most comprehensive application security testing available with our Blackbox, Greybox, and Whitebox testing. At the conclusion of your engagement, we provide specific, detailed explanations on identified vulnerabilities, in addition to proof-of-concept visuals to help frame risk levels.

Advisarial Hunting

We deliver proactive hunt engagements which encompass proprietary, commercial and open source threat intelligence. This intelligence, coupled with our internal toolsets and workflows, enables targeting capabilities that identify actors ranging from low sophistication adversaries to highly advanced threat actors.

Your 24x7 Managed Security Solution

DigiTrus's managed security experts provide 24x7x365 monitoring of your security posture. Our ongoing tracking, reporting and anytime access through our online DigiTrust Client Portal, provides your organization with the most up to date threat intelligence available.

It's Time Upgrade Your Security.

Your security is our #1 priority. At DigiTrust, we take the time to tailor your security services to fit your organization's needs.

We take the time to provide you the right information security solutions, provide you real insight, and provide ongoing strategic recommendations.

In short, we leave your organization better protected. Period.

Let us know how we can help improve your security.
We will contact you within 24 hours to set up your custom trial period and/or consultation. 

The DigiTrust Group is a managed security services firm that focuses on using advanced people, processes and technology to proactively provide the highest level of information security at our client organizations. We do this by actively identifying, blocking and researching attackers targeting our client organizations. In short, we act as a security operations center (SOC) for organizations that either do not have a SOC or require augmented SOC functionality.  

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