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DigiTrust Incident Response Experts

24/7 Support From The Incident Response Experts at The DigiTrust Group

We balance investigative precision and rapid remediation during Incident Response to minimize your exposure.

Security software & tools provide haystacks of data. Our experts identify and eliminate the malicious needles hidden within those haystacks.

Our experts are available globally to provide rapid Incident Response, keeping your organization and valuable data protected.

AWS CLoud Security Remediation

We leverage threat intelligence to provide tailored strategic recommendations for enhancement of your security posture.

Our experts are ready to assist you with your Incident Response needs. Contact us using the form below and an expert will be in touch very soon.

Your organization must be able to properly identify, investigate, analyze, contain, and eradicate an intrusion to ultimately fully recover.

Incident Response Process



Identifying the source of your malicious intrusion, pinpointing the type of malicious activity.


Investigation & Analysis

Extracting threat intelligence & establish context surrounding your incident.


Containment & Eradication

Taking proper steps ensuring the threat actor is properly contained.



Containment of the malicious incident allows for full remediation and recovery.



Closed-loop reporting and strategic recommendations to improve your security posture.

Our experts work with your teams to identify and remediate your incident quickly.

You Need Results. We Provide Solutions.

The Process

Our experts examine the intrusion that has made its way into your organization. We leverage our extensive threat intelligence surrounding the intrusion type to properly investigate, analyze, contain, and remediate your incident.

We extract as much threat intelligence as possible throughout the process and provide your organization targeted strategic recommendations to minimize your exposure in the future.

The Experts

DigiTrust's Incident Response experts operate remotely from our Global Security Operations Centers. With our security experts available 24x7x365 we are always ready and available to help your organization should an Incident Response need arise.

Our experts are up-to-date on the latest intrusion types to work quickly and transparently with your team to ensure proper remediation and recovery.

The Goal

Our all-encompassing goal is to ensure exposure is minimized and that your organization is safe. Between data loss and recovery, the potential costs are too great to be left exposed for too long.

We aim to remediate rapidly and precisely while root-causing your incident wherever possible. Incident Response is not only about protecting your organization now but also leaving you better prepared for the future.

If You Are Currently Experiencing An Intrusion

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