10 Red Flags of Email Phishing

Security processes may offer some level of protection, but recognizing email phishing at the user level is just as important. Let’s examine some of the red flags of a potential email phishing attack.

The Rise of Agent Tesla

The innocent looking document was not only weaponized with a malicious payload but also contained something new our experts had not seen before.

The Incident Response Kill Chain

Incident response means moving away from solely relying on tools or software to magically resolve incidents, and instead, focusing on using people, process, and technology to establish much-needed context.

QRAT is Living in The World of JAVA

What makes QRAT a more of a pronounced risk is the obfuscation it uses to avoid detection. While QRAT is based in Java, QRAT is also hidden under layers of Java encryption when being delivered to a potential target.

NanoCore Is Not Your Average RAT

The NanoCore RAT has been on the radar of threat actors and security experts since 2013. This current version of NanoCore has expanded beyond the dark web and is readily available online.