The DigiTrust Group®

The DigiTrust Group is a global Managed Information Security Services firm founded in 1998. We provide managed information security and consulting services to organizations around the world, from start-ups to the enterprise. We have built our proprietary security solutions with a fine-tuned combination of real world experts, streamlined processes, and industry leading technology.

DigiTrust’s Core Values


Quality drives DigiTrust. We have an unwavering belief that taking the long road means doing the right thing for our clients.



People are the core of DigiTrust. We invest in our clients as well as our internal teams.



Security is our life. It is this love of security that drives our continued development and improvement.

DigiTrust Leads in Managed Security


DigiTrust is at the forefront of identifying, researching and blocking threat actors attempting to enter your organization. Our advanced Managed Security Services and Security Consulting Services offers your organization the confidence needed to operate safely in this highly complex, threatening, and interconnected world.


DigiTrust Security Operations Center (SOC) & 24/7 Monitoring


  • DigiTrust’s Security Operation Center (SOC) engineers utilize a combination of proprietary, open source, and commercial technology providing you a solution tailored to your specific organization’s needs.


  • We control and operate multiple Security Operations Center (SOC) sites around the world. Our far-reaching capabilities allow us to provide true global coverage for your organization 24/7.


  • Our security team’s continued training and development is solely dedicated to enhancing information security. We continually invest time and resources keeping our experts up-to-date on the latest information security best practices.


DigiTrust’s Cutting Edge Technology


We have developed our own platforms managing the entire incident lifecycle. Our threat Intelligence is collectively managed and enforced across our entire client base for all service lines. By using our collective threat intelligence information we can provide your organization a greater level of protection.